Time Offs moved into primary navigation

Current Time Offs

We’ve moved Time Offs into the primary navigation. Along with making time offs more accessible, you can now see all your employees’ time offs on one page. Filtering can be performed by employee and/or status. Past time offs have been moved into a separate page to reduce clutter. You can still reach time offs for a given employee from their profile so you’ll feel right at home.

Department schedule notifications

Edit Department

Administrators can now receive full department schedule notifications via email. Only administrators can make these changes in the Locations, Departments and Positions section (under the Settings tab). Either create or edit a Department where an administrator would like to receive notifications when a schedule is published. Add the desired administrators to the Notifications field.

Email Notification

Above is an example of a department schedule sent to an administrator. Whenever a schedule is published (or updated), the selected administrators will receive new email notifications.