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Test an email address

Is an employee having trouble receiving WorkSked emails? You can now send test emails to any employee within your account. Test emails can only be sent to verified email addresses. You can however Resend a verification email if the email address is not verified. If an employee is still having problems receiving emails, they should contact their email provider or try a different address.

To send a test email, go to an employee profile, enter the Email Address page and at the bottom there should be a link to Send a test email.

Email Address

If the email address is working as expected, you should receive a similar email:


Budget notifications

WorkSked Budgets allow administrators to provide guidance to department managers when creating schedules by specifying an hourly allotment for a time period. We are introducing two new related features: ➀ budget warnings; and ➁ budget notifications.

Budget warnings are displayed when managers publish schedules that have more scheduled than budgeted hours for the week.

Budget Warning

Budget notifications are emails that are sent when a schedule is over budget. Administrators can subscribe to them in Locations, Departments and Positions; same place the department managers and schedule notifications are configured.

Budget Notifications

Below is an example of an over budget email notification sent to an administrator. Whenever a schedule that is over budget is published, the assigned administrators will receive a similar email notification.

Budget Notifications Email