WorkSked Blog


Here are some great new updates to WorkSked Beta:

  • Schedules: Ability to sort primary department employees on the Schedules page by dragging and dropping employee rows.
  • Schedules: Add/edit shift pages display in modal dialog boxes on large viewports.
  • Schedules: Double-click in a schedule cell to quickly add a new shift with the date and employee already entered (large viewports only).
  • Review/Publish: When reviewing a schedule to publish, you can deselect employees to stop from sending notification emails.
  • Shifts: When adding a new shift and there is a conflict with a time off, you now have the ability to override.
  • Shifts: Create, update, duplicate and delete Shifts in past weeks.
  • Schedules: Since you can manage shifts in past weeks, you can also save a schedule for archival purposes. Much like publishing a schedule but without employee notifications (i.e. no emails are sent).
  • Time Offs: Create new time offs in the past (except public page); delete approved time offs while still current.
  • Time Offs: Create partial time offs that wrap into the next day.
  • Important Dates: Create new important dates in the past; edit/delete existing important dates while their date range is not past.
  • Increase the width of the application by 150 pixels.